How to Choose the Right PCB Supplier at Reasonable PCB Pricing

In a time where technology is developing at a rapid pace, costs of manufacturing and components go lower and lower, and quantity of fabricated products can go up to hundreds of thousands, it is essential to answer, at first glance, a simple question: How to choose the right PCB Supplier at Reasonable PCB Pricing?

Answers can vary depending on which dimension or angle of view we are looking, are we hobby kind of electrical engineer or we run a small or relatively big company. The worst case of choosing a wrong option may lead us to a bad product, exceeding deadlines, a more expensive final product, some combination of already mentioned or something unexpected.

Whether it is a hobby, electronic, small, or big business, we come to several main topics, which need to consider before the final decision.



Quality of Produced Boards


Even if you compare the same board produced by different manufacturers, that are considered high quality, you can find some differences between them, either by visual inspection or through a performance test. Quality can also be a measure between requested performance and the one that you get; this is very critical when it comes to high-density design and high-speed communication lines.


PCB Pricing


Generally, the known fact is that quality and PCB pricing won’t go hand in hand, and it makes sense that higher quality also means higher PCB pricing. But since there are more and more PCB manufacturing companies where all of them tend to have concurrent prices, the final result is more reasonable PCB pricing. There are a couple of things that affect the PCB pricing; they are also mentioned in the following sections. OurPCB offer good quality PCB and PCB Assembly job at the most reasonable PCB price. You can just send us the PCB layer number and PCB and get estimate PCB price.


Delivery Time


Nowadays, it has become standard for projects to have very tight deadlines, and some companies quote a reduced time for prototype PCB production. OurPCB offers 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour expedite service.


Minimum Order Quantity


The minimum order quantity of PCB or PCB Assembly at OurPCB is just one piece.  We have no requirement for the amount.


Assembly Files


Once you are finished with a PCB design phase, you can go to the production. There is a couple of file types that a manufacturer might need in order to start production. They can ask for Gerber files, which is a common thing. Each Gerber file represents one layer of PCB, for example, top, bottom, top overlay, bottom solder, or some other. Please send us the Gerber file in RS-174-X format.


Manufacturing Parameters


This part is essential to you. Before you begin with routing and definitely before sending files, you need to know about manufacturer capabilities using minimum track thickness, minimum clearance between tracks or planes, several layers that they can produce, what is the minimum and maximum board size, drill holes, and stuff like that. Here are PCB Manufacturing parameters of OurPCB,

To sum it all up, choosing a company for your PCB is not complicate and intricate as you might think; you can contact them and ask anything that you need for your project, event in a development phase.

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