GLOBL WELL TECH LIMITED is a professional PCB manufacturer in shenzhen China.

After ten years of development, GLOBL WELL TECH into HDI PCB first-class manufacturers, production capacity of 5000 square meters.

TGLOBL WELL TECH for global customers with high quality of the bare PCB and PCB assembly services, including component sourcing, functional testing, conformal coating and complete assembly.

Service sample

--- •industrial control, medical, communications, automotive, medical, military industry, etc

• FR4 Rigid Board
• Aluminum Board
• Flexible Board
• Rigid - Flex Board
• Customer offers all parts
• Turn-key: All parts sourced by Elecrow
• Combo: Partial parts offered by Customer and Elecrow sourcing the rest
• SMT assembly: BGA, QFN, QFP, SOIC, PLCC, PoP, 0805, 0603, 0402, 0201
• Through hole assembly
• Single&Double sides assembly
• Sub-assembly
• Lead free/ROHS compliant soldering only
• Hand soldering
• Reflow soldering
• Wave soldering
• IPC-A-610F class 2 standards
• ISO9001 Quality system
• Free Visual inspection
• X-ray Inspection
• AOI & ICT(In-Circuit Test) Testing
• Functional test
• Minimum Order: 1pcs
• General lead time: 3 weeks (Exact lead time will be given by the project manager)
• Within 24 hours response after receiving RFQ
• Dedicated project manager for every customer
• Digikey/Mouser/TME/Element 14
• Local electronic market
• Designing service
• Mechanical service
• Sub assembly/kitting service
• Selling on Elecrow On-line Store
• Drop shipping service

How to use PCBA service

1. Send your request to gwt@gwt-smt.com for quotation. For PCB Assembly work, Please send us the following information:

  • PCB Gerber Files, and the quantity you need and related spec such as color/ pads finish/ layers, etc.
  • BOM Files, some reference link or digikey/ farnell parts number would be help for our quotation.
  • Files for the soldering such as parts mapping for pick-n-place machine, or a simple mapping for hand soldering.
  • Programming/ Testing method, Makerfabs will help testing all the PCBA to ensure you 100% pass.
  • Other files that you want us know to avoid mistakes in the production.

2. will make you quotation in 2 working days.

3. Custom’s checking on the quotation and confirmation, and negotiation if needed.

4. works on the project.

5. Shipping, customer’s checking, and projects closed if all OK.

Send Email

PCB Assembly and Price

Projects will be soldered manually or by pick-n-place machine, depends on the projects quantity and soldering difficulty. Basically, for prototyping board < 10 pcs, will be soldered by hand, while by machine with higher quantity. The price would be 0.03$ for each pads, both for SMD pads or THT pads. Note that a stencil would be needed for SMD soldering, even for hand soldering.

  • 1. PCB Cost and Stencil: PCB cost depends on quantity/size/spec,same as PCB Prototyping; and Stencil for SMD pads soldering. will preserve the stencil for 3 month for customer re-production;
  • 2. Assembly Cost: Based on soldering difficulty and quantity;
  • 3. Engineer Starting fee: If some testing needed, the testing fee will be list here, based on the testing time, 0.1$/minute;
  • 4. Components: Customer can check the detailed quotation for each components in the quotation parts sheet;
  • 5. Shipping Fee: provide direct shenzhen DHL, with 2~3 days to North America and 3~4 days to other place all the world.

All the detailed quotation will be prepared for customer before your final decision. As the components, we can solder the most common used package such as 0201/0402/0603/QFP/QFN/BGA/THT.

Quality Control

With more than 10 Years' experience in PCBA Production, treat the quality the most important factor in our business, the testing include:

  • 1. Industry level PCB, All E-tested;
  • 2. Official components from distributors or mouser/digikey/farnell, etc.
  • 3. Prototyping sample before the mass Production for customer confirmation;
  • 4. 100% visual inspection: For quantity >100 pcs, AOI inspection, according to IPC-A-610E and GB2828 sampling standard;
  • 5. Functional testing include programming(customer provide testing method)