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How to judge the quality of a circuit board?

With the rapid development of mobile phone, electronics, communications and other industries, the PCB circuit board industry has also continued to grow and grow rapidly, and people have increasingly higher requirements for the number of layers, weight, precision, materials, colors, and reliability .

Due to the fierce market price competition, the cost of PCB board materials is also rising. More and more manufacturers monopolize the market at low prices in order to improve core competitiveness.However, behind these ultra-low prices is to reduce the cost of materials and process manufacturing. Devices are usually prone to cracks (cracks), scratches (or scratches), and their comprehensive factors such as precision and performance are not up to standard, which seriously affects the weldability and reliability of products.

So,How to judge the quality of a circuit board, there are two methods


1.Standard rules for size and thickness

The thickness of the circuit board is different from that of the standard circuit board. Customers can measure and check according to the thickness and specifications.

2.Light and color

The external circuit board is covered with ink, and the circuit board can serve as insulation. If the color of the board is not bright, and less ink is used, the insulation board is not good.

3.Weld appearance

Because there are many parts in circuit board, if the welding is not good and the parts are easy to fall off, the welding quality of circuit board will be seriously affected. It is very important to have a good appearance, identify carefully and have a strong interface.

High-quality PCB circuit boards need to meet the following requirements

1. The line width, line thickness and line distance of the line meet the requirements to avoid line heating, open circuit and short circuit

2. High temperature copper skin is not easy to fall off

3. Copper surface is not easy to oxidize

4. No additional electromagnetic radiation

5. The shape shall be free of deformation, and the hole position of circuit board and the deformation error between circuit and design shall be within the allowable range

6. High temperature, high humidity and special environment resistance shall be considered

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