What is BGA Assembly
What is BGA and BGA assembly?
BGA is a short form for Ball Grid Array. It is a high-performance, small-size, and lightweight packaging style for ICs. A ball grid array (BGA) is like a surface-mount packaging, a chip carrier used for integrated circuits. These are used to mount devices with many hundreds of pins(like microprocessors) permanently.
So, a BGA can provide more interconnection pins for ICs than a dual in-line or flat package. It often uses the entire bottom surface of the device, rather than the perimeter.
BGA Assembly
The process of assembling the BGA package or soldering the IC onto the BGA board is called a BGA assembly. Just like the process of assembling the SMD package is called SMD assembly. But unlike SMD assembly, the soldering of BGA needs precise control and is done by automated processes.
BGA assembly or getting a custom-made BGA is a tricky thing. A BGA comprises microcircuits that are not easy to work with.


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