Integrated Circuit Soldering Precautions
The method of inserting and welding integrated circuits and the method of inserting and welding discrete components are generally the same, except that the number of pins of the integrated circuit is relatively large, and it is necessary to be more careful when inserting or soldering the integrated circuit. In general, different printed circuit board integrated circuits are inserted in different ways. In order to make the integrated circuit more well-dissipated, an integrated circuit socket is mounted on the bottom of the integrated circuit in order to fix the integrated circuit.
The integration of the integrated circuit internal is high, and it is easily damaged by excessive heat. It absolutely can’t withstand temperatures above 200 ° C, so care must be taken when welding. In addition to mastering the basics of welding operations during welding, special attention must be paid to the following points.
(1) Do not use a knife to scrape the gold-plated circuit pins. Just scrub with alcohol or use a drawing eraser.
(2) Do not remove the pre-set short-circuit line before welding the CMOS circuit.
(3) The welding time is as short as possible, generally not more than 3s.
(4) The soldering iron used is preferably a soldering iron with a constant temperature of 230 °C.
(5) It is best to do anti-static treatment on the workbench.
(6) Select a narrower tip that will not touch adjacent endpoints when welding.
(7) The safe welding sequence of the pins is the ground end - output - power end - input end.


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